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Rob Salmond
Sad news
Dear everyone

Sophie passed away at 10am this morning. She spent her last few minutes comfortably in Jana’s arms, in Rob’s arms, and holding her panda. She was well sedated through her final hours, and did not seem to feel any pain.

Sophie had been doing well over the last few days, and up to last night was pointing purposively at things she wanted, banging on her drum, and smiling occasionally at our silly antics. Yesterday she needed some additional oxygen, but her mood wasn’t much affected. During the night she slipped into further respiratory distress, and went into cardiac arrest early this morning. From there, there was no path back.

We cannot put our sadness into words, so I will not try.

For those able to join us in Ann Arbor, there will be a memorial service for Sophie next weekend. We ask that, in lieu of flowers, donations be made to a fund that will provide toys for hospitalized children. We will send further details on all this in a day or two.

While Sophie’s difficult journey is now at an end, our gratitude for all that you have done to help our family will be with us forever. And so will our memories, both happy and sad, of a special, brave little girl.

- Jana, Rob, and Paige
February 13, 2011 at 5:35pm